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Power Of Abstinence

It is now common for a woman to lose her virginity in her teenage years. In most countries who are considered as open, it is normal for a girl to have sex outside of marriage. The result is teenage pregnancy and it is very high in number. There is the campaign then that is being made so that the abstinence would be in practice. This is very effective to not getting pregnant. It is also very great as one can avoid STDs.

Teens who also avoided getting pregnant would be safe in an abusive relationship. When they get pregnant there could be complications and problems that are caused by being pregnant and staying in the family of husband or the abuse from the family or other people. It is a great knowledge having someone who loves you even without having sex. It has the power of security and even studies proved that couples who delayed the sexual activity have higher satisfaction.

 Teens are emotionally unstable and they could be vulnerable to the effect of their relationship. In a study conducted, it was found out that those who have the self-esteem have the ability to say no to teen sexual intercourse than those who have low self-esteem. Those who have lower self-esteem wants to have attention or gain some affirmation from the relationship. But if they would not give in and abstain from it then they could see if what is the purpose of the boy from having a relationship with them.

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